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West America University supports you from start to finish

Our representatives are there to help you enrol and plot a course towards graduation. We are going to continue supporting you after graduation as you enter your new career. Aftergraduation, you have access toWest America UniversityServices, which can help you polish your resume, learn interview skills and gain access to jobs.

Community and academic support dedicated to your success

Our students enjoy access to innovative learning resources, leading-edge curriculum and experience of friendly and dedicated staff. We also have an extensive alumni network and a worldwide network of mentoring programs that are ready to offer support and insight. ThroughWest America University,you have personalized support all along the way.

Access the resources you need—anytime, anywhere

Students at West America University have extensive resources readily available. All what they need is a computer and a reliable internet connection. The University hasan updated comprehensive digital library with a full time team of librarians and specialists who assist students in research. Students also have access to online services like, writing assistance, tutorials, technical assistance and others.

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About Us West America University

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West America University

  • His Majesty King Abdullah

    His Majesty King Abdullah'sVision(MayAllah protect him) The Hashemite Monarchy Visionhas systems of human resources with efficient competitive quality and able to provide society with continual educational experiences all life that are closely related to its current and future demands as a response for sustainable economical development and stimulating it by preparing educated individuals and skilled labour market.

  • Vision Of Her Majesty Queen Rania

    Her Majesty Queen Rania's Vision
    The distinguished human is the person who makes things better than before and who leaves things more beautiful than they used to be.

  • The Vision Of Our University President In The E-Learning

    The vision of the University president, Dr. Mohammad Dassan of E-Learning is based on the idea of entertainment education by changing electronic means, that are closed to the upcoming generation to educational means suitable to the person'scapabilities to create an educated generation recreated and kept away from traditional education stresses.Our target is to havean actual creativity and to improve others' worksto developthem to the highest level of excellence and perfection.This supports my ideas,as I established my University to be different from other Universities. It was a dream to be the first one to establish a University that holds eternal message which supports young’s thoughts and demands, satisfying their desires and to be the promising route and from here started the excellence, so the dream comes true.

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Our Faculity

West America University

Faculty of Economic and Management

West America University has established this Faculty with its different specializations, as they are highly required by different government and private sectors to have qualified human cadres. Therefore, the Faculty of Economics and Management works towards developing and disseminating knowledge in various managenent economic and accounting fields through excellent scientific program that meets the latest developments in science to enable the graduates to apply what they have learnt of developed and distinguished science..

Faculty of engineering and technology

I welcome you by my name and on behalf of Faculty Members and Staff. It is a great pleasure to open this Faculty with all its different specializations, because such specializations are highly required by market on the one hand and the market need for updated specializations and technology on the other hand, as we can't deny that we are living in speed and technology age.

Faculty of Art

Even though that the West American University idea was established on of following the latest updates, but knowledge will not have value without the literature and historical connection and from here comes the importance of this faculty with all its specialties as a home for arts history, tougher and literature. Our pleasure to have this faculty that hold humanity, national and story and message.

Faculty of Science and information technology

Faculty of science and Information Technology is one of most modern fields, which emerges because of the worldwide technical and technological developments. Taking into consideration this point of view, the University always looks for all latest in this field. Consequently, it is interested in the existence of this faculty with all its specializations to provide the market with qualified capable graduates who are able to keep up with the developments immediately as they happen.

Faculty of design and Architecture

West America University has established this faculty with its different specializations to the need of the labour market. The Faculty supports designing and marketing the projects..

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